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Monday, October 08, 2012  
in Holiday

‘Discover’ Great Steak at Texas Roadhouse on Columbus Day!

Great men and women throughout history have taken pride in discovery. Discovering new nations, new people, and even new food! And now, you can make your own great discovery. At Texas Roadhouse, you’ll find the best steak known to man!

Just like Columbus, who discovered the New World, you’ll find a world of down-home, mouth-waterin’ flavor when you bite into one of our hand-cut steaks. But your exploration of taste-bud heaven doesn’t have to end there! Pair your tender steak with one of our made-from-scratch sides or our fresh, hot rolls, and you’ll find a meal worth claiming! (But just know… plenty of others have claimed it, too, as their meal of choice!)

Starting your own voyage for a satisfying meal doesn’t mean making a three-month, Nina-Pinta-and-Santa-Maria-filled trip across an ocean. No, it just means stoppin’ by your favorite Texas Roadhouse with knife, spoon, and fork in hand! So stop on by the family-friendly Texas Roadhouse and get your fill of our fine fare worthy of your Columbus Day celebration!


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