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Thursday, June 06, 2013  

Taking Sides: Our Favorite Made-From-Scratch Sides

When it comes to having a tasty steak, it’s important to have a great cut of meat. But what often gets overlooked are the sides that accompany the main attraction. At Texas Roadhouse, we don’t have delicious side dishes, we have legendary side dishes.

That may be a big statement, but it’s true. From fresh, crisp Caesar and house salads to a hot cup of our chili, we have more than a dozen side dishes! Not to brag, but every one of them could steal the show, even next to a piece of tender steak.

The favorite tried-and-true staple to our great steak meal? A perfectly cooked baked potato. At Texas Roadhouse, we offer the classic version, which you can load up with cheese, bacon, and sour cream. We also lay claim to the best baked sweet potato on the planet. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of our baked sweet potato, piled high with creamy and sweet caramel sauce and marshmallows. We know what you’re thinking. “Mmmmmm….”

So come down to Texas Roadhouse and sample a few of our favorite side dishes, paired with the best steak you’ll ever taste. Double bonus.

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