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Friday, July 05, 2013  

Patriotic Wind Catcher Craft

This kids craft is the perfect decoration for any patriotic party whether it's the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Not only will your wind catcher look great but kids will have a blast making it!

Patriotic Wind Catcher

- Cylinder container
- Blue poster board or construction paper
- Star stickers
- Red, white and blue curling ribbon
- Glue
- Tape
- Scissors
- Hole puncher

1. Remove the lid and cut off the bottom of your cylinder container so that it is open on both ends.
2. Cut blue poster board to cover the entire container. Glue or tape the poster board to the container.
3. Let kids decorate the cylinder with stickers.
4. Punch 6 holes evenly spaced around one end of the cylinder, tie curling ribbon to each hole and tie together to make a loop for hanging your wind catcher.
5. Cut ribbons 24 inches in length. Group the ribbon into clusters of 10 and tie a knot at the top.
6. Curl the bottom of the ribbons using scissors. Tape the bundles inside the bottom of your cylinder.

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