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Wednesday, November 20, 2013  

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Make this turkey craft with your kids for Thanksgiving! Easy and fun to do. Perfect as a table decoration or to hold rolls at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
- Large brown bag
- Scissors
- Glue
- Cardboard
- Colorful construction paper
- Red balloon
- 4 paper plates
- Googly eyes
- Markers

1. Cut a large brown bag measuring approximately 6 inches tall. Glue a cardboard cut out in the bottom for sturdiness. Glue construction paper to the inside panels.
2. Staple a paper plate to the back of the bag. Using construction paper cut out feathers, decorate, and glue to the plate.
3. Staple plates to the sides for wings and glue construction paper feathers to the wings too.
4. For the head, make a flat cone shape by folding both sides of the plate towards each other to make a point. Fold the pointed end over again to create the beak. Color the face red and the beak yellow.
5. Add the balloon as shown in the picture with glue and the googly eyes.

Your kids and guests will love this fun craft!

turkey kids craft
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