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"I love my job!!! As a Training Coordinator I get to give our new employees their first glimpse of our Legendary company. When they meet me and we start to have fun I can see on their face that they know this job is different. I love getting employees from other restaurants because I can see the shock on their face when they see how much fun we have. I love knowing that I have a direct impact on their whole training experience and that feels good.

I love my job!!! As a server at TRH I get to be myself each and every day. Every day I come in I get to meet new people and get to see TRH regulars. I love telling first time guests about our Legendary items and seeing their face when they taste them. Where else can you work where you can be yourself, dance, sing your heart out, have fun and believe in what your company has to offer? NOWHERE BUT TEXAS ROADHOUSE!!!"

Bernadette Kelly, Training Coordinator - Grand Prairie Roadhouse


"Working at Texas Roadhouse has been truly a Legendary experience. I have been at the Terre Haute location for 10 years as of June 06. During this time I have made numerous lifelong friendships with employees and guests. The upbeat atmosphere instantly puts you in the best of moods, which sets the pace for the rest of the day. I am so proud to serve our Legendary food to all of our guests that enter our front doors each day. They know what to expect, and we deliver. What better work environment could anyone ask for? Legendary food, Legendary service and a team of caring people working side by side."

Cindy Perkins, Managing Partner - Terre Haute, IN


"I have been employed by Texas Roadhouse for seven years. In my time as Managing Partner I have been given the tools and freedom to build a great business. I truly feel the entrepreneurial spirit of Texas Roadhouse affords me the opportunity to run my restaurant as if it were my own. I feel that with the culture we have and the product that we serve we are able to thrive in any environment. It is amazing how much fun is involved in driving Legendary Food and Legendary Service in our stores. This company truly takes care of its people."

Nick Hernandez, Managing Partner – Houston, TX


"After working with several other concepts it is great to finally be able to be myself. It is great to have the ownership I am able to have with this company. Over the years I have been able to see how much our company cares for our employees through Andy’s Outreach. Andy’s Outreach has helped many of the communities that have been hit by natural disasters. Not to mention all of the quarterly and yearly contests they hold for our employees. I love that this company allows the opportunity for advancement and development to employees and managers at all levels. The greatest feeling I have had while working here was being nominated as Managing Partner of the Year in 2005, the reality of knowing that my success was attributed through my employees. One of the reasons that I think the Texas Roadhouse has been so successful is that we are so involved with our community. Actually, we own our communities!"

Don Williams, Managing Partner - Coralville, IA


"'Family'… is the best word to describe the Texas Roadhouse team. I have been supported in my career since day one, and guided to success. I’ve spent the majority of my life in this industry and I truly feel I’ve joined with a top notch organization. Personally, I enjoy the fulfillment of giving back to people in the local community and getting involved. Texas Roadhouse really cares about people, and it shows in the employees and guests. We are more than a restaurant, we are a neighbor and friend, and all are welcomed.  We have fun, work hard, and it shows in our legendary food and service. Texas Roadhouse has renewed my passion for this industry and my career. I Love My Job and the best part is…'The future looks bright!'"

Ben DeNunzio, Kitchen Manager – Lancaster, PA


"I’ve been working for Texas Roadhouse for almost 5 years now.  I love the fact that there are so many different opportunities in this company.  Before I worked here, I worked for my parents so I knew what it was like to work with a family.  Nothing beats the family, fun, passion, and culture that we offer here at Texas Roadhouse.  No matter what store you go to, if you are wearing that logo, people truly welcome you.  I have made so many friends in this company from store to store, on the phone, and even through email.  You can feel the passion and pride that people have when they are working here."


"The reason why I love being a Service Manager is that I can see my accomplishments through my people.  If you really love and care about your staff, they will truly appreciate you and enjoy working here.  I love that I can see their development and watch them move up in the company.  Not only are we serving Legendary Food, but when your staff loves and has fun at their job, they really give Legendary Service. Our guests always compliment our southern hospitality and how we truly appreciate them dining in our restaurant.  That is what we are recognized for and no other restaurant or concept can do it better than Texas Roadhouse."

Nicole “Nilli” Santos, Service Manager - Warwick, RI


"Passion, Partnership, Integrity and Fun…that’s why I love working for Texas Roadhouse!   I love that our company takes pride in their people and helps each of us to grow. As a manager for Texas Roadhouse I am able to provide Legendary Food and Legendary Service, as well as lend a helping hand to those in need through our community and employee programs, such as Andy’s Outreach and the Habitat for Humanities Home in a Box program for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As a manager for Texas Roadhouse I aspire to be Legendary everyday!"

Earl Wilson, Service Manager - Southport, IN