Hot Off The Grill...
  • Thursday, June 20, 2013  
    Throwin’ peanut shells on the floor isn’t socially acceptable in most restaurants, or homes for that matter. But, at Texas Roadhouse, heck, we encourage it! It’s just one of the things that makes us America’s favorite family restaurant. Grabbin’ a handful of peanuts has...Read More
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  • Wednesday, June 19, 2013  
    Baseball season is in full gear and our mascot, Andy Armadillo, is ready to play ball. Print this coloring sheet for your kids. Click here to print a coloring sheet!...Read More
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  • Thursday, June 06, 2013  
    When it comes to having a tasty steak, it’s important to have a great cut of meat. But what often gets overlooked are the sides that accompany the main attraction. At Texas Roadhouse, we don’t have delicious side dishes, we have legendary side dishes. That may be a big statement, but it’s...Read More
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