Hot Off The Grill...
  • Monday, April 27, 2015  
    With spring here, thoughts of fresh flowers, calming rains, and lush green grass begin to fill our minds. Get into the spring spirit with simple seasonal crafts, like DIY rain sticks. What You Need To make rain sticks, you'll need the following items: Sturdy paper tubes (leftover from plastic wrap,...Read More
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  • Monday, April 20, 2015  
    Eating meals with the family is a time-honored tradition in just about every culture on earth. Of course, those traditions can vary quite a bit, not only between cultures but from family to family, too. So we’ve put together a list of four unique family traditions that take place right here in...Read More
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  • Monday, April 13, 2015  
    The potato has long been a staple of diets across the world. That’s because they’re packed with nutrients, easy to grow and very, very versatile. Here are 12 different ways to prepare potatoes (all of them delicious): 1. Baked Wrap a potato in foil, bake for about an hour on 400 degrees,...Read More
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  • Thursday, April 09, 2015  
    Ingredients 2 cups peeled, grated russet potato (approx 1 lg) 2 cups grated, peeled sweet potato (approx 1 lg) 1 1/4 cups thinly sliced leek (white end only) 1/2 cup diced  raw bacon 2 tbsp onion or shallot, minced fine 1/4 cup flour 1 large egg 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/4 cup vegetable oil for frying Green...Read More
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  • Monday, April 06, 2015  
    When most folks think spring break, they think Florida. Nothing against the so-called “Sunshine State” but there are plenty of other bright spots in the southwest. We’ve picked three great destinations for the outdoor enthusiasts among us. Two for those who want to escape civilization,...Read More
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