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Tuesday, July 23, 2013  
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Make Some Mean Green Beans

Green beans are a great way to add some color to your plate and with this recipe you'll be adding some flavor too! It's amazing what a few extra ingredients can do to make this green veggie much more delicious.

Try this recipe at your next family gathering or holiday! We love 'em.

Equipment:  large cooking pan
                    measuring cups

                    measuring spoons

                    rubber spatula


                    cutting board


                    large spoon


Ingredients/ Amount

Green Beans (drained): 2 Cans

Water: 2 cups

Sugar: 1 Tbsp

Pepper: ½ tsp

Bacon (raw diced) or Ham (cooked, diced): 4 oz

Onions, diced: 4 oz

Step 1

  • Using the colander, thoroughly drain green beans.
  • Set aside

Step 2

  • Mix water, sugar and pepper until well incorporated.
  • Set aside
  • Preheat your cooking pan to Medium High heat.

Step 3

  • Raw Bacon Method
    1. Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the raw bacon into equal size pieces.
    2. Place diced bacon into preheated cooking pan.
    3. Continually stir bacon with large spoon to keep the bacon from burning. 
    4. Once bacon is cooked add the onions and cook until they are tender and light brown
    5. Proceed to Step 4
  • Diced, Cooked Ham Method
    1. Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the cooked ham into equal size pieces.
    2. Place the diced ham and onions into the preheated cooking pan.
    3. Using the large spoon, continue to stir the ham and onions until the ham is lightly brown and the onions are tender.
    4. Proceed to Step 4

Step 4

  • Now that the onions are tender add the liquid mixture and the beans. 
  • Using the rubber spatula stir the mixture until incorporated.
  • Bring mixture to a boil and turn heat to simmer.
  • Serve beans as soon as you are ready.

Texas Roadhouse green beans, legendary steakhouse made from scratch side

Let us know how your green beans turned out on our Pinterest or in the comments section below!

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  1. Darla Sue | Thursday, November 14, 2013
    Thanks for the recipe!  The green beans at the Texas  Roadhouse are amazing! Unfortunately, I'm not much of a cook and I need a few specifics please: how large are the cans of green beans (15 oz - 32oz), approximately how many pieces of bacon and would the onion be approximately half of a medium or large onion?  Thanks, Darla Sue
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