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Thursday, October 24, 2013  

Sweet vs Baked Potato? It’s a Matter of Taste

Choices, choices, choices — the Texas Roadhouse menu is loaded with them. And while that’s definitely a good thing when it comes to a restaurant menu, it can also make it tough to decide exactly what you want. Do you go with the best ribs in town or the best steak? Are you in the mood for a perfectly blended margarita, or an ice-cold beer? 

Loaded Sweet Potato

See an Amazing Loaded Sweet Potato Recipe

One decision that should be easy to make, though, is whether to get a loaded sweet potato or a baked potato. That’s because at this steakhouse, they’re really, really different. Our sweet potatoes are practically a dessert. First, we bake ‘em until their moist and tender, then we smother them in soft, puffy marshmallows and a rich, creamy caramel sauce. They’re out of this world, and certainly unlike anything you’ll find on your typical American restaurant menu.

Our baked potatoes, on the other hand, are a bit more traditional (at least as far as ingredients go). The taste, however, is nothing short of legendary. We serve ‘em up crispy, salty on the outside, moist and fluffy in the middle, and loaded with your choice of sour cream, cheddar cheese, chives and bacon. They’re really somethin’ special.

So if you’re in a traditional meat-and-potatoes-sort-of mood, you should definitely order the baked potato. But if you’ve got an itch for something more dessert-like and totally unique, go with our one-of-kind, marshmallow-loaded, caramel sauce-drippin’ sweet potato. Just remember, no matter which one you choose, you’ve made one heck of a good decision.

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