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Monday, February 03, 2014  

Experience the Flavor Vortex

The term “polar vortex” sounds like an artic-themed roller coaster at an amusement park. But while roller coasters may sound fun, the sub-zero temperatures that gripped much of the country earlier this month were anything but.

Fortunately, the mercury has risen a bit since then. And according to the weather guys, it’s not likely to get that cold again for quite a while. (Maybe a whole decade.)  Still, if you’re like us, just dealing with normal winter cold is enough to make you want to pack up and move some place warm. But as tempting as that may be, it’s totally unnecessary. You don’t have to relocate your entire family to fight off the winter chill. All you have to do is head on down to your local Texas Roadhouse.

The Texas Roadhouse menu is loaded with true comfort food, including the best ribs and best steaks you’ll find at a family dinner restaurant. You’ll also find plenty of other dishes to warm your body and soul on our legendary restaurant menu, like loaded baked and sweet potatoes, hot, spicy chilly, buttery mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, pork chops, fried catfish and a variety of chicken dinners.

In fact, the food at Texas Roadhouse is so warm and filling, you may find yourself craving an ice-cold beverage like it was the middle of the summer. If so, you’re in the right place. At Texas Roadhouse, we make killer margaritas and other frozen cocktails all year long. We also carry a wide selection of beer, both on tap and in bottles.

So, now that the thermostat has warmed from crazy, teeth-chattering, artic-expedition cold, to a more typical winter chill, you should load up your crew and head on down to Texas Roadhouse. Because no matter how cold it gets outside, it’s always warm and cozy inside your favorite family steakhouse.

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