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Thursday, February 27, 2014  

Get Back in the Saddle this Birthday

After a certain age (somewhere in your early 20’s) a lot of people quit making a big deal about their birthday. Those people aren’t Texans. Because at Texas Roadhouse we do birthdays the same way we do everything else — big. And that’s the way it should be. 

No matter how old or young you are, birthdays are worth celebrating. It's a way of showing gratitude for another year of life — another year to enjoy sunsets, children laughing and spending nights gathered around a table with your family enjoying delicious food. Why wouldn’t you go all out to celebrate that?

At Texas Roadhouse, we have a whole birthday tradition that involves a saddle, a napkin’ and a whole lot of hootin’-n’-hollerin’. It’s hard to describe in a way that does it justice, but anyone who’s celebrated a birthday at Texas Roadhouse will tell you it’s a whole lot of fun.

Choose Your Birthday Restaurant Wisely

It’s a tried and true custom in most families that the birthday boy (or girl) get’s to pick where to eat. This is something you shouldn’t take lightly. We suggest you choose the best steakhouse you can find… Texas Roadhouse.

Our restaurant menu is chock-full of delicious, tender steaks, juicy rib dinners, and a whole host of options to satisfy any family. Heck, we even have fantastic vegetarian dishes. And they’re good, too, especially for an award-winning steakhouse.

Toast Your Birthday with an Ice-Cold Beer or Legendary Margarita

While Texas Roadhouse is a family restaurant, it’s also a perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage. We offer a full bar, a ton of beer choices, signature cocktails and margaritas. So come down and celebrate your big day (or someone you care about) with your friends at Texas Roadhouse. We look forward to seeing you.

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