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Wednesday, March 26, 2014  

How to Make a T-shirt Quilt

As a family restaurant, we love when families get together to do crafts and projects so we thought we would share this with you!

Here are instructions from Natalie, a nine-year-old Lil' Roadie, who loves Texas Roadhouse! She made the quilt for a competition in school and was awarded 3rd place in her division. She worked with her grandmother, "Mimi," on the project!

Here are some instructions describing how you can create your own t-shirt quilt at home. Just follow Natalie's steps to make your own:

- She started with a premade fleece.
- She reviewed the shirts to see which one had the largest design she wanted to capture.
- Then a cardboard template was created and laid out on the quilt to determine how many squares were needed.
- Then she started cutting the shirts down (i.e. taking off the sleeves and neck, but leaving a very large section of the shirt with the design intact).
- Then a thinner pattern was created out of tissue to make it easier to cut the remainder of the shirt down to the appropriate size needed.
- Once all shirts were cut and arranged on the blanket like she wanted them, she pinned them together row by row and then using the sewing machine began sewing them together row by row.
- Once each row was completed, it was time to sew all the rows together.
- Once all the rows were sewn together, she sewed it to the fleece by laying it out on the fleece and then curling the edges of the fleece around and over top the edge of the t-shirt squares (now sewn together) pinning the fleece in place.
- Then she sewed the fleece down around the edges for the completed quilt.

quilt craft

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