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Friday, June 27, 2014  

Become a Grilling Legend | Try These Tips From Texas Roadhouse

Here at Texas Roadhouse, we know a few things about providing hearty, made-from-scratch meals. Our slow-cooked, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs and juicy, Hand-Cut Steaks are what set us apart from the rest. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as Rulers of the Grill – not that we like to brag (okay, maybe just a little bit is OK).

But when it comes to putting together the most delicious grilled feasts known to man, attention to detail is key. That’s why our grill masters are spilling the beans on some of our best barbeque secrets. Here are a few grilling tips to make you king or queen of the grill this summer.

Cut Consistently

Before throwing anything on the open flame, make sure your choice of meat is consistently cut to size. Doing this makes grilling your meat evenly easy, and takes some of the mystery out of differentiating between rare and medium-rare.

Let it Rest

After you’ve grilled your meat evenly, let it rest.  Allow all of the juices inside to settle and redistribute throughout. Depending on the size of the cut, give your cuts 10 to 15 minutes of resting time. A rested steak is a happy, juicier steak.

Sharpen Your Knife

Okay, the meat has rested. Reach for the sharpest knife you can find or sharpen your favorite. This prep move will help you cut cleanly through your steak or ribs and avoid torn edges. Not only will it taste great, it will look great, too.

The Perfect Slice

The last and most crucial step: slicing the meat. Slicing the steak against or across the grain to create the most tender and juicy pieces. The shorter, the more tender.

Remember these grilling tips when you’re set on creating a homemade masterpiece, and you’re sure to be a hit with family, friends and hungry neighbors. Your backyard bashes will become even more legendary. 

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