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Monday, September 12, 2016  

Family Dining: Tips for Keeping the Tradition Alive

In today's hectic, technology-driven society, it can be hard to find time for family. From running the kids to sports practice to late hours at the office, dining together often falls by the wayside. When you want to make a commitment to eating as a family, here are four tips to keep the tradition alive.

Set a Schedule

When dining is non-negotiable, a schedule is a must. Take a look at your availability and choose a time that works best for most of your family a majority of the time. For example, if your spouse usually gets home at 6:15 and the kids have practice until 7, plan dinner for 7:30 on a nightly basis and stick to it.

No Electronics

It's hard to detach from technology, but dinner should be a phone-free zone. When you have your attention split between your meal and your email, conversation is going to suffer. Instead of allowing your family to get lost in their devices, implement a "no electronics" rule and make sure there are no exceptions.

Enjoy a Restaurant

Sometimes, shaking things up is a great way to get everyone excited about a meal. When you're bored with the basics and want to try something new, a night out at a favorite restaurant can get everyone back on track. Choose a restaurant everyone in your family likes, and enjoy delicious meal that you don't have to cook yourself.

Play a Game

When your whole family is in one place, it's always the perfect time for a game. There's no need to drag out Monopoly; there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy during dinner. Telephone, for example, can keep everyone laughing. One person whispers a funny phrase to the person next to them, and so on. Seeing how the details get lost in translation can keep any family amused!

Dinnertime spent with loved ones is a long-standing tradition for a reason. When you want to foster eating together in your household, these tips can make family dinners fun again.

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