Legendary Employees

    • BernadetteKelly
    "I love my job!!! As a Training Coordinator I get to give our new employees their first glimpse of our Legendary company. When they meet me and we start to have fun I can see on their face that they know this job is different. I love getting employees from other restaurants because I can see the shock on their face when they see how much fun we have. I love knowing that I have a direct impact on their whole training experience and that feels good.”

    Bernadette Kelly
    Training Coordinator, Grand Prairie Roadhouse
    • CindyPerkins
    "Working at Texas Roadhouse has been truly a Legendary experience. I have been at the Terre Haute location since June 2006. During this time I have made numerous lifelong friendships with employees and guests. The upbeat atmosphere instantly puts you in the best of moods, which sets the pace for the rest of the day. I am so proud to serve our Legendary food to all of our guests that enter our front doors each day. They know what to expect, and we deliver. What better work environment could anyone ask for? Legendary food, Legendary service and a team of caring people working side by side."

    Cindy Perkins
    Managing Partner, Terre Haute, IN
    • NickHernandez
    "I have been employed by Texas Roadhouse for seven years. In my time as Managing Partner I have been given the tools and freedom to build a great business. I truly feel the entrepreneurial spirit of Texas Roadhouse affords me the opportunity to run my restaurant as if it were my own. I feel that with the culture we have and the product that we serve we are able to thrive in any environment. It is amazing how much fun is involved in driving Legendary Food and Legendary Service in our stores. This company truly takes care of its people."

    Nick Hernandez
    Managing Partner, Houston, TX

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