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On the road with Mike DelVisco

Feb 26, 2014

Well, it’s been a busy start to the year! These first couple months have been a blur and it’s probably a good thing since much of the country has been frozen including down south where I live! At least we can talk about bass fishing and look forward to catching a few as soon as the weather breaks.

We kicked off the year with a couple of Legendary fishing trip giveaways. In total there were 3 fishing trips with me, one on my new home lake in East Tennessee and the other two at Alden Camps in Oakland, ME.

Along the way I met some of our Legendary guests and fishing fans. I also got to fish in the trout pond with Andy! At least if it too cold to fish outside, we can get a little practice indoors!


Finally back home for several days and it’s now nice enough to go and fish in the real world…I will see you on the water!

Mike DelVisco