Hand-cut steaks to
made-from-scratch SIDES.

We’re a restaurant you can trust to make dining out with your family fun. And because we take your trust very seriously, we place the utmost importance on food safety and food quality. We have stringent sourcing guidelines, conduct third-party audits, and make sure everything we serve is prepared by our well-trained staff.

We also expect a management-level employee to inspect every entree before it leaves the kitchen to confirm it matches the guest’s order and meets our standards for quality, appearance, and presentation.

Additionally, having in-house Meat Cutters provides higher-quality steaks to our guests and helps reduce millions of pounds of food waste each year.



The art of meat cutting

Meat cutting is often considered a lost art, but not at Texas Roadhouse. Each Texas Roadhouse restaurant employs a butcher or Meat Cutter, so your steak is always fresh, never frozen. Our Meat Cutters, who hand-cut every steak we serve, work in 34  ̊ coolers and cut an average of $1 million of meat a year per store.

food safety: delivering fresh

Once ingredients arrive at our restaurants, we adhere to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and critical procedures in each recipe to maximize food safety protocols. Click to learn more.

Highly trained staff prioritizes food safety

Our Product Coaches provide continual, hands-on training and education to the kitchen staff in our restaurants for the purpose of reinforcing food quality, recipe consistency, food preparation procedures, food safety and sanitation standards, food appearance, freshness and portion size. The Product Coach team supports substantially all restaurants system-wide.

Because our Product Coaches and Food Team members are dedicated to serving quality food, they have (or are in the process of obtaining) their Certified Professional-Food Safety designation from the National Environmental Health Association. And we, and third-party teams, perform regular food safety and sanitation audits.

Proud of the food we serve
Something for everyone

Something for everyone

We believe in variety—so guests can choose the options best for them and easily manage caloric intake and personal dietary needs. Detailed nutritional information and gluten-friendly options are available at all of our restaurants.

Why food from scratch?

From bacon bits to croutons
to dressings— knowing the
quality of each ingredient
allows us (and our guests) to
feel confident in the quality
and value of our food.

Food from scratch